For whom’s PST?

I work with both women and men who are struggling in their sexual and intimacy life. Lots of them have experienced sexual or any kind of trauma. And they are ready to co-operate and want to spend some time and resources to go through the healing process.

If you feel like one of them seeks for this kind of self-development empowering therapy, please read more about what to expect.

I will teach you and invite you into a lot of exercises and techniques we use during your sessions to drop deeply and safely into your body. We first will help you to build resilience and resources and I help you to understand, establish and embody your boundaries. This fundamental start that is necessary for you to feel safe and comfortable in your next embodiment work. And also that can help you to improve already your everyday life, to be able to express and respect your boundaries with interaction with others.

Also, I will ask you to write in your journal, and I will always suggest some simple home assignments for you. So please be aware you are ready to co-operate and be involved in your process.

PST is about empowerment and that takes time. So also our sessions will be in between 2-3 weeks because you need time for integration.

Yes, it takes courage to feel into yourself, feeling into your body that holds pain, fears and blocks. But that is the only healthy way to connect back to our energy flow and be able to feel pleasure in your body. I offer you supportive space and guidance to reveal what your body is holding and help you to integrate it.