Psychosexual Somatics is…

Psychosexual Somatics Therapy is integrative therapy, helping to increased awareness of  your body and mind connection. So you can fully embody your boundaries, emotions, needs and desires, and during our therapy work you learn skill and get knowledge so you are able to manage your everyday life.                                                                                                                

The intention of me as your therapist is to support you in getting to know and feel yourself, experiencing more the intimacy. Teach you to stay with uncomfortable sensations and feelings and be able to dissolve it. Give yourself time and bring more compassion to your life. When you begin to connect with yourself at this deeper level, you learn about your body and coping strategies. During your therapeutic work I teach you and help you how to dissolve and integrate blocks to intimacy and you can begin to access feel more pleasure, joy, energy in your everyday life.

Is this therapeutic approach for you? Ask yourself, how good are you to feel, express and communicate your emotions, boundaries and desires especially in your relationships? We don’t learn any of these skills at school and if we are not lucky to be thought by our parents, it makes life much more difficult and more desperate. I am helping people to be able to understand their patterns of behaviour, survival strategies and sensations in the body so they can express safely emotions and feel more in the body. Sexual life comes from happy relaxed body and peaceful mind.

Examples of issues I can help you with:

  •  Trauma, sexual abuse, feeling shame, bothered by anxiety 
  • Absence of pleasure during sex of feeling numb, or pain in genitals and body
  • Struggling with sexual life (loss of desire, vaginismus, difficulty reaching orgasm, early ejaculation, delayed or absent ejaculation, erectile dysfunction)

An important aspect of my work as a Psychosexual Somatics® Therapist is to ensure that you feel safe during our work. It is of very important your boundaries are respected at all times, you feel free of your choice and comfortable.

If you decide to book your first session, it is important we use that first session to establish your goal to reach and issue to work with and do assemsent.

Once we have achieved a foundation in your Personal Assessment session, we meet to therapeutic sessions were is Somatic work and exercises involved, each session last between 1 up til 2 hours. And it can take from 1 – 10 session to work with your chosen intention. It is all up to you and how you feel about the work.

I offer my therapeutic space, skills and knowledge to them who are willing to:

  • seek help to feel more empowered, want to learn and explore to have joyful life
  • are open to slowly connect and meet their emotions and get into touch with the body
  • want to talk about what is bothering and frustrating and learn new skills
  • want to bring curiosity about body, feelings and emotions.