Trauma is part of our life, 

and it can bring us into very uncomfortable sensations, frustrations, and all kind of limitations.

Our bodies act as a storage facility, storing all the traumatic experiences, which we hold deep inside of the body as tension, pain or numbness. These blocks need to be gently released and integrated to feel back our power, our sexual energy, our life force.

For my therapeutic work is essential Empowerment and Integration.

As you can read these words often on my website. It is not about re-traumatising you but to help you to feel in to present moment and listen to your trauma and help you to understand what is going on in your body and in your mind. Teach you how to use different body exercise to slowly and gently resolve and calm your nerve system. So you are able to deal with your body reactions on your own in your everyday life and more understand you body and your feelings.