Psychosexual therapy for couples

I am also offering Psychosexual Somatics Therapy to couples after taking education with Cabby Laffy( has over 25-years’ experience as training facilitator and psychotherapist with individuals and couples.)

What I offer is to help you and teach you constructive way of communication and skills in somatic to understand your body language and body messages. Through my practise I realised how many couples have some intimacy issues that slowly become problem in their everyday life and they are coming when it is really hard and they seek for help. It is important you admit and understand it take some time and self-work on yourself. But yes there is alway way to learn and get strong from situations in our life. PST is about bringing clarity, awareness and self understanding, so you can then make clear choices about your life as individual and also as couple. It is about empowerment and integration.

My intention is to help you understand how you feel and how you can communicate out your fears, desires and needs and hear each other and learn how you can meet yourself by teaching you skills of down regulation and experience of feeling and connecting to intimacy and safe space you slowly create with my support.


For more informations please contact me on my phone 07704903787 or on my email address


Sincerely Barbora