About Barbora

After having worked as a Social Worker, I discovered that being felt is more important than being taught through words only, in fact a large part of learning and self-realisation can be achieved through touch itself. After this realisation, I went through a journey of sexual awakening. With initial interests leading me to study Sexology and Somatic therapy, I eventually decided to focus my studies on Psychosexual Somatic Therapy (PST). Working fully with Conscious Sexuality and Tantra for over 7 years tough me a lot but I realised I want to work more with consciousness and also involve mind to help people to understand, learn and feel. And for that I studied PST and since 2018 I am qualified and working with passion with new therapeutic way to help my clients to gain their individual goals, help them to increase awareness, bring clarity and integration, help them release the blocks and empower them. I work with women, men and couples who seek help in their sexual, intimate lives and are aware it is a process that takes bit time and energy.