About Barbora

After having worked as a Social Worker, I discovered that being felt is more important than being taught through words only, in fact a large part of learning and self-realisation can be achieved through touch itself. After this realisation, I went through a journey of sexual awakening. With initial interests leading me to study Sexology and Bodyworks, I eventually decided to focus my studies on Psychosexual Somatic Therapy (PST). Working fully with Conscious Sexuality and Tantra for over 7 years now, somewhere along the lines I awakened myself and have had the pleasure of awakening others. I now work with women and men who seek help in their sexual, intimate lives. Sessions take place fully clothed, based in Southwark London, in Elephant and Castle Underground and Overground stations. During the sessions there is no direct genital touching involved but a strong reliance of deep hands on Bodywork and different therapeutic techniques.